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5 Apps for Tech-Savvy Realtors®

In a competitive industry like real estate, it is important to get an edge wherever you can. Taking advantage of tech tools and software not only helps to make your life easier, but it also benefits your business and your brand.
Here are 5 helpful apps for tech-savvy Realtor to try:
1. Get locals to know who you are.
Snapchat Geofilters – Snapchat is a great social media tool for Realtors®, but more specifically, their on-demand geofilters are a fantastic way to get local engagement. Geofilters are an overlay for images that are based on a geographical location and selected time frame. If your target neighbourhood is hosting a popular event, set up a geofilter for that date and location that all local users can access. Get creative with your design. Fun, visually-appealing filters are more likely to get used. Find creative ways to incorporate your own branding or information for an upcoming local event. For as little as $20, you have the potential to get thousands of people to share your filters.
2. Create and edit attractive content.
Adobe Spark – Part of excelling in real estate marketing is producing shareable high quality content. If you don't have the budget to shell out on complicated photo and video editing software, Adobe Spark is a great alternative. This free app can be downloaded in the App Store or you can use it right in your desktop browser. Create and edit banners, ads, videos, graphics and newsletters for free.
3. Track your time and be more efficient.
Hours – Hours is a time tracking app that allows you to discover and track how your time is being spent. Discover how long it takes you to complete tasks and monitor what you spend too much or too little time on. You can run reports that explain in detail where you tend to allocate most of your time and how to modify your schedule to be more efficient.
4. Give buyers valuable information about their new home.
Centriq Home – This app allows you to take a photo of an appliance label and within 24 hours the system will identify the make and model, display the serial number and pull all relevant manuals and how-to videos for the particular unit. It allows you to store receipts and documents, a list of service providers, notes and home inventory. Why it's good for Realtors®: Allows you to upload your own branding and gift the app to buyers at closing. The buyers will have all the pertinent information about their new home and they'll be seeing your branding and information every time they use the app. Cost: $349 USD annually.
5. Share information with clients, right away.
Gboard – Gboard is an iPhone app that allows you to do a Google search right in any app. Instead of leaving iMessage to do a search, selecting and copying information, going back and pasting it, you can now do it all right in the keyboard. This may not be revolutionary, but it is a handy tool to use when emailing or texting clients - allowing you to seamlessly send restaurant info, news articles, reviews, etc,. The search results appear as cards with key information like phone numbers, ratings, and hours and you can respond instantly.
With thousands of apps and tech tools out there, the possibilities to grow and maximize your business are endless - the key is to find the tools that work best for you.
What apps do you use? Let us know.