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At Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., there’s nothing more important than having a sense of community. The area’s elite real estate professionals want to be a part of this company because of its dynamic training, incredible team support and innovative thinking. Together, they form a diverse real estate community that spans across 14 offices in the Greater Toronto Area.  Be sure to check out our videos!

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. is the leading real estate brokerage in the region. With deep roots in the community, this leading company continues to set the standard through service excellence, personal commitment and innovation. You deserve the best in real estate representation, and there’s nobody better than Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. This is where you belong! 
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5 Important Website Tips for REALTORS®

October 18, 2017

Picture this: You're browsing the internet, looking for information about dog kennels in your area. You click on a site and after 10 seconds of loading, loud music starts playing, a sign-up window pops up the size of your screen and a video of dogs barking begins in the background. You close the pop-up ad, turn your volume off and stop the video...only to have to navigate through three pages to find a contact number...


Sounds like a disaster, right? Although this is an extreme example, many of us are guilty of one or more of these website no-no's. Here are a few tips to ensure that your website is user-friendly and keeps visitors coming back:

1. Use pop-ups with caution. Avoid turning potential clients off by bombarding them with ads or audio and video within seconds of them opening your site. Let your website sell itself. If people like what they see, they will contact you or sign up for email alerts themselves. They should know exactly where to go – make it as easy as possible. After a few minutes, a little nudge might be helpful. Something like a sign up window that pops up in the corner is okay once someone has been on your site for a couple of minutes. Remember, it takes time for people to decide if they like what they see. Give visitors a few minutes before asking them to sign up for anything.


2. Make sure it's fast. The more information you have on your website, the greater the risk for slow-loading pages. According to one report, if your page takes more than 5 seconds to load, visitors are likely to leave it. Remember that high resolution images and videos will take longer to load – ensure that your website can handle it. We generally have short attention spans when it comes to browsing the internet – make sure your site is fast and easy to navigate. If you have videos on your home page, make them short and sweet, allowing visitors to click through to watch more.


3. Have quality content. Your website should have a regularly-updated blog. A blog not only offers visitors valuable information - it positions you as a knowledgeable leader in your field. Think about who your target audience is – your content should be relevant and timely, catering to their interests. If you're able to create a dialogue through your articles – you're doing it right. Posting unique content also ranks your site higher in Google searches and when people share your content, you increase your reach and increase traffic to your site. Other types of useful content: white papers, step-by-step guides, how-to videos and links to helpful resources.


4. Provide lots of information. People are visiting your site because they are looking for something. There will be first-time homebuyers and sellers looking to educate themselves. The more information you provide, the more valuable your website becomes. Apart from your blog, a FAQ page or a page specifically for newbies might be helpful. As a REALTOR®, you might take for granted that many of your clients know what industry terms mean, but it's important to remember that many do not. Having an encyclopedia of terms as well as a 'Real Estate 101' type page can help your visitors feel more confident about contacting you. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel about moving forward.

5. Make it attractive. Your website should be sleek and easy to navigate. Use an appropriate colour scheme and keep things simple – avoiding ads at all costs. Content should be easy to find and the most important information should be found right on your home page. Remember that many people will be visiting on their phones or tablets – so being mobile-friendly is a must! Over 90 per cent of people search for their real estate needs online, make sure they like what they see.


Your website is a representation of you. Take the time to make it as beautiful and functional as possible -without overwhelming your visitors!